This page holds links to free language resources of interest to the learner of Chinese.

Please add your favourite links if they are not already on this page and feel free to comment on each of the proposed links through creating a discussion under the header of the relevant link number in the discussions tag.

1. 24/7 TUTOR is a learning system and mobile language lab that allows you to study, practice and review a foreign language, anytime and anywhere. several languages available including Chinese.

2.Learn Chinese online for free at Free Chinese online courses for you to learn how to read and write Chinese.

3. Learning Chinese - Websites for learning Chinese

4. Learn Chinese - Free online mandarin audio courses
Free online mandarin audio courses. Learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily! 40 online lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, ...

5. BBC offers listening, speaking and writing exercises

6. Chinese - SurvivalPhrases, by, delivered as podcast through iTunes

7. Other podcasts with Chinese lessons - through iTunes
(This link will only work if your iTunes program is installed on your computer and already open.)

8. Learn Chinese with Yanyang - videos and other free resources

9.Chinese Language Learning Links - this wikispace has lots of further links for learners of Chinese

10. Language Links 2006 - another wikispace that has a plethora of links for the students of Chinese

11.Learn Chinese Everyday is a website for people who are interested in learning Chinese.
You can find a lot of categories for learning Chinese, eg. Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Exercise, Daily Word.

12. Links from -

13. Princesses Learn Chinese - free iPad and iPhone application
To be more motivated to learn Chinese and to learn about technology, we build an iPad and iPhone app: .
It has flashcards, we worked with native chinese speakers and teachers, and we did some simple songs. It is also story based with some games for kids to have fun.
With the app we aim at exposing children to their first Mandarin Chinese words and expressions, so really entry level.

14. Learn Chinese in Hong Kong Cantonese and Mandarin courses delivered by well qualified native-speaker teaching
professionals in the heart of Asia's World City.
Chinese: Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
Chinese: Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
Chinese: Learn Chinese
Chinese: Chinese Tools - Learn Chinese
Chinese: Online College of Chinese Language
Chinese: ZapChinese
Chinese: Chinese (Mandarin) - Wikibooks
Chinese: Linese
Chinese: Mandarin Chinese with Serge Melnyk
Chinese: I Love Chinese
Chinese: ClearChinese: Learn Chinese
Chinese: Chinese Phrases for Travelers
Chinese: Learn Mandarin
Chinese: World Learner Chinese

15. Just Learn Chinese A blog dedicated to helping people learn Chinese through FREE online resources. There are plenty of free audio lessons and topic series on this blog for Chinese learner, most of them have embedded audio or video clips.