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Language Learning Resources

Getting Started

These pages aim to assist people in finding resources for the learning of the language of their choice.
Whether you just want to get a taste of another language or want to refresh the knowledge of a language you have learnt some time ago or get more proficient in a language spoken in your family, this place should be full of useful resources.
These links were collated by volunteers of Bilingual Families Perth.

Have you picked the language you would like to learn or are you still undecided?
Whether we have been living multilingually as a family for a while, are just getting started, or are just thinking about it, check out **5 steps to get us started on our multilingual adventure and to keep us on track** as our journey progresses.
You might want to consider using the Bilingual Families Perth - Language Plan to assist you in your decision making.

Sharing Resources

This wiki creates space for sharing of resources, links, experiences and suggestions in various languages.
Each language has a separate page.
Please click on the name of your language below and check out the links provided on the language page.

If your language is not on the list below:
Create a new page for your language if it is not on the list and share your favourite links and stories. This is easy to do, just use the menu on the left side and paste the link in there. Please inform us about your added language per e-mail to bilingualfamilies@yahoo.com.au.
We will ensure that your language will become linked to this homepage at a later date. The page will immediately become visible for all on the left menu anyway.

Language Learning - General
General information for language learners
Language Plan
Motivation in second language learning


Please check these links and let us know if any are no longer valid. We would like to keep this link up to date.
Best way to contact us if by email to bilingualfamilies@yahoo.com.au.

Many thanks and good luck!